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      I’ve been trying to post this comment to the thread about “Oneness” but it won’t go through for some reason. So I’ll try starting a new topic instead.

      Thank you for the answers to my questions. In reply…

      <Regarding the comment by Srila Jiva Goswami, can you provide some reference that I can read?>

      Excerpt of Jiva Goswami’s comment to verse 71 of Paramatma Sandarbha, translated by Satyanarayan das Babaji:

      “In his bhasya on Brahma Sutra (2.1.14), Sri Sankara clearly says that…. neither Isvara Himself nor His potencies are real. Sankaracarya states: ‘Thus, Isvara’s rulership, omniscience, & omnipotence are contingent solely on the limiting adjuncts (upadhis) that are a product of ignorance; they are without ontological reality.’”

      Excerpt from Jiva Goswami’s comment in verse 57 of Paramatma Sandarbha, translated by Bhanu Swami:

      “Moreover, if everything arising with duality is created by the jiva’s ignorance & the svarupa of the jiva is none other than Brahman, there is no separate being called Isvara who identifies himself as having qualities like omniscience. In vivarta-vada, Isvara is in essence an imaginary entity like thinking a pole is a man. In the beginning, there was no person identifying himself as Isvara, like mistaking a pole for a person (whereas the scriptures say that the Lord is eternal).”

      <When Brahman, Shiva, and Shakti are recognized as three separate entities, these problems disappear so the thesis of impersonal monism (Brahman) requires Shiva and Shakti, and this is what I meant by the soul going to Brahman state by the grace of Lord Shiva.>

      Two questions:
      1) Is this idea of 3 eternal, real, non-illusory entities (Brahman, Shiva, Shakti) a development made after Shankaracarya? Is it based on pramana or just a philosophical proposal?

      2) I’ve always heard that only Vishnu can award moksha. What is the pramana that Shiva can do so? Does he do so independently or as a deputy of Vishnu? But is Vishnu even in this picture of only 3 real entities?

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