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    I Am The Creator, From Me Comes Everything

    In practically every religion of the world God is said to be the creator of the universe. And this leads atheistic people to say: “No, the universe came from the Big Bang; no God was involved”. But Kṛṣṇa says in the Bhagavad-Gita (10.8), that He is not just the creator; rather, He creates from Himself. If “God is the creator” is religion, then “God creates from Himself” is the science.

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    Prabhupāda’s Three Big Ideas on Science

    Much has been said about Prabhupāda’s visionary leadership and scholarship in bringing India’s authentic culture, civilization, philosophy, and practice to the Western world. But very little is said about his vision for the future of the world as seen through the lens of science. In this post, I will try to capture his three big ideas (as I understand them), in the reverse order of greatness (from my perspective).

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    Consciousness Has a Gender

    In the previous post, we discussed how matter is also consciousness, although a different type of consciousness. We identified three types of consciousness—God, soul, and matter—and discussed their natures. This post extends that discussion and identifies three genders associated with the three types of consciousness—masculine, feminine, and neutral. God has a dominantly masculine gender; His Sakti has a dominantly feminine gender; and the soul has a dominantly neutral gender. These…

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