• Philosophy

    Nature is Pregnant with Possibility – The Doctrine of Satkāryavāda

    I’m currently translating the original text of Sāñkhya Sūtras composed by Sage Kapila, and it discusses the doctrine of Satkāryavāda, and its distinctions with other philosophies. This discussion is important for those interested in understanding Sāñkhya. While the full translation and commentary on the text will take some more time, I thought it might be useful to reproduce some of it here.

  • Philosophy,  Religion

    Dreams, Misperceptions, Hallucinations, Illusions, and Ignorance

    All students of epistemology cite many categories of experience that are not knowledge, in order to distinguish them from knowledge. These categories are different in Western and Vedic systems of philosophy. In particular, in the latter, dreams are not considered false, although there are other categories that are false. This post discusses the difference between the various categories that are considered “not knowledge”.

  • Aesthetics,  Philosophy

    The Principles of Beauty

    The question of beauty has been incessantly debated since Greek times in Western philosophy, but it has some simple answers, if we adopt the view that the world is idea-like. When we look at a rose, and we cognize it as a rose, then we might also say, that the rose is beautiful. The cognition of a rose involves the application of a prior idea in our minds, and therefore,…

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