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The Science of God – The Twelve Principles of Perfection

This book defines God as perfection, and discusses the 12 attributes that constitute perfection. These 12 attributes are consistent, complete, simple, parsimonious, necessary, sufficient, empirical, rational, operational, instrumental, stable, and novel. They divide into six pairs of antinomies, called knowledge, beauty, renunciation, power, wealth, and heroism. Thus, the search of God is the search for perfection. It exists partially in everything, it exists more completely in things that are more perfect, and it exists completely only in one person—God. This is then the basis on which we can scientifically study God’s nature; it is the study of perfection—What makes something perfect? What is missing in imperfection? Why are there tradeoffs in creating perfection? And what is that thing which is completely devoid of all the tradeoffs of perfection?



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